Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Get Benefits of white label travel Portal online Website

Get Benefits of white label travel Portal online Website

Have you decided to take benefits of Fore Technology white label solution? This is what we will do :
Implementation - Usage – Working nearly with you, our Development team will find out exactly how you need your site to be customized, what characteristics you'd like it to incorporate and ensuring it to meet your need.
Personalize the platform – we have a range of travel product, you can ask for all or some of that to be incorporated into your white label that will become your website.
Flexible reporting - You’ll be able to view up-to-date, accurate data online and on the go. Our system has been developed to enable users to access a vast range of reports and tailor these reports according to the business need – including booking, sales, performance and other data.
Simple Admin – User friendly maintenance tool allowing you to be control all time guarantees updating, altering, dealing and taking care of your site is as easy as can be.
Get customized website as per your choice
Online booking, cancellation, re-scheduling & refunding available
Adjustable commission on hotel, flights, holidays and other travel products
Automated credit of commission as soon as ticket is issued
24X7 assistance
Payment gateway solution
Admin panel to control and track booking publish fare on website

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

We Offer All-Inclusive B2C Travel Portal Development Solutions!

TPD is a reputed and conscientious travel portal development agency that offers you a complete solution. Whether it is about developing a travel booking software or an online booking system, we ensure that latest techniques are put to work. Our time- tested portal development methodologies help us deliver clients with a product that is both realistic and affordable.

Our portal solutions cater to all booking and software management needs so that you can carry out your business with ease. Our services include:


B2C Module Features:

Domestic Car Booking Engine using TeC API
Secured Payment Gateway Integration
Email Notification Management
Registered and Guest User Management
Secured Registered Users Login Management
Bookings, Cancellations, Tickets Printing and Offers under Users Login
International and Domestic Flight Booking Engine using TeC API
International and Domestic Hotel Booking Engine using TeC API
International and Domestic Flight + Hotel Booking Engine using TeC API
Domestic Bus Booking Engine using TeC API

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Best Travel Portal Development Company in India

TPD is the travel portal development company designs travel portals, creates websites, hosts and develops a complete travel portal for you with the most innovative solutions incorporating various APIs in the process.

Travel portal development

The company provides unstinting support to our clients in the form of round the clock maintenance so that the customers have access to the latest information.
The travel portal development company not only offers customized portal solutions for each client keeping in mind their requirement.
  • B2B Travel Portal Development
  • B2B Bus Booking Search Engine Integration
  • B2C Bus Booking Setup and GDS Integration
  • B2B Flight Booking Software Integration
  • B2C Travel Portal Development
For more information kindly reach us we will helping out new business travel portal business

Monday, 16 May 2016

Quick Flight bookings in single page beneficial for travel Agents & Customer

We’re excited to introduce our another new feature Quick Flights. We’re sure you and your Agents will love this.
We have just added new feature Quick Flights which is the easiest and smartest way to manage your bookings online anytime, anywhere.
What makes Quick Flights so convenient, is that Bookings done in one single page!!! So do all your bookings and make your transactions from the convenience of your time with Quick Flights.
To redirect to Quick bookings page, simply login as Agent and click on Quick Flights link on top of the page in your Agent account panel.
Take a look…

Search Results page looks like below:

Now you can manage the Flight ticket booking in one Single Page…
This feature will make bookings much easier; Quick Flights lets Agents to make their bookings more fast without any hassle free redirection of another page. All available search results and customer information details to enter are now shown on the same page in your Agent account making your bookings much easier, that means less clicking whenever you need to make more bookings for time saving. Hope enjoy with the new feature introduced.
This has been one of the most requested features we’ve received over the past few months along with Quick Bus and Quick Recharge and we are sure that it will make your life easier!
Please let us know if there’s anything, big or small, that we can do to help you even more. And keep on the lookout for more advanced features coming your way soon.
We TPD offer a wide range of cloud based  solutions to promote your travel business online. To find out more about us please.

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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Travel Portal Booking Engine- A Great Tool For Travel Agents & Agencies!

Do not think of a travel portal booking engine as a mere technical solution, it has a lot in its kitty to take your business to the next level. Think of a booking engine as a tool that enables you to offer your services on a complete platter to customers and at the same time adds to their ease as they can make all the bookings at a single place. The most important thing that needs to be comprehended by travel agents when getting a booking engine developed is that they need to go with a service provider that has extensive experience. It would be a great idea to look at the past deliverables as with this one can judge on the caliber and competence both.

It is to be comprehended that with a well developed travel portal booking engine it would get easier for a travel agent to offer services to clients and that too in an easy way. We all know that most of the agents and agencies out there are considering the option of travel portal development as it places them in a comfortable position amongst the competition and also opens doors for increased sales and commissions.

When it comes to choosing a booking engine, you need to look out for the most important feature and functionalities without which doing business won’t be that easy:
Ensure that the travel portal booking engine comes with a booking confirmation functionality as with this the bookers will get a confirmation that the booking has been made via an email and this is going to add to their ease Always go in for an engine that makes it easy for the customers to explore out the options before making the final pick Do not miss on map based search feature as this is going to help you touch the global customer base Try and have multiple modules integrated in an easy to access format as this would fasten up the booking process.
Although travelportal development services are offered by many, you need to go with the one that offers all basic and advanced features in the form of customized solutions.

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