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What are the Features Travelers want to see in a Travel Portal Website?

With the demand for the cheap ticket booking along with the affordable good quality hotel rooms during the holiday rush. The Travel Portal Development must contain hassle free and easy to search and book services in order to attract more customers to their website.

Travel portal must consist of following features in order to do that:

Search engine along with the filters

Travel portals must provide search filters in order to provide the information according to the customer’s choice. In other words, you can select which country you want to visit, date of journey, options of varieties of hotels and holiday packages you can choose and book, different varieties of car rental service providers and bus service providers.

Exact search results

While you enter Airport name along with the city it is residing where you want to board your flight. Your search engine must generate the accurate airport name along with its exact city it is residing. By this, you don’t have to type the entire name of the airport. It saves time in case of limited availability and peak reservations.

Attractive and lucid Website

Instead of having a standard application filling form like thumbnails, your website must consist of attractive images in the background it attracts the customer. While confirming the booking and redirecting towards the payment gateway, it must have attractive background along with text residing in the background. Also, the website must be easy to understand because traveler has no time to understand your booking process. It will drive them away from your website.


It is one of the most important things that customers look for while booking hotels, car rentals, holiday packages. Along with the information on a variety of hotel rooms, car rental service providers, holiday packages, Bus services etc your website must have the customer reviews of the particular services. This helps them in easy decision making and saves their time.


Your website must have the feature, by which customer can save the particular hotel, flights, cars, buses along with their tickets cost. In order to review their choices later on after going through all the available choices. This helps them in selecting the best travel plan and more preference to your website.

Transparency in pricing

While booking flights, rented cars, buses your website must display the detail pricing structure for the particular ticket as well as must always show the prices of the particular service beforehand. This helps the travelers to understand the pricing of a particular service.

Standing out from the crowd

Your website must offer attractive offers such as discounted tickets along with the hotels, discount coupons, cashback offers, description of particular holiday package along with the clear understanding over what travelers are looking for in that particular place. In order to attract more customers towards your website, you must follow all the above-discussed things along with the deep study of the competitor’s strategy.

Google maps

Your website must be integrated with the google maps. So that the customers will also get the chance to view their destination on the map. Along with this the nearby good hotels and attractive touring spots must be highlighted on the map. Which will lure them to book the hotels along with the plan to local touring spots This feature will lure more customers to visit your website.

Lucid Payment Gateway

Your website is useless if it doesn’t provide simplified payment gateway. Without doing the payment there is no finalized travel plan. You must keep your payment gateway simple with just important details to enter. Your payment gateway must not request for unnecessary details such as postal code, postal address, phone no, landline no etc. It takes time and customers might lose their chance to go to their selected destination.

All these features are important for the travel portal website; also you must from time to time upgrade your website, for providing better services and keep analyzing the competitor’s strategies in order to improve your services.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Hire Travel Portal Development for Your Total Travel Portal Solution

Hire Travel Portal Development for Your Total Travel Portal Solution

Travel portal development sets up a platform and API for the travel companies to sell different services products online. These Primary services include Hotel API, car rental API, flight API, holiday packages etc.

The Portal will be integrated with the payment gateway for the customers to pay through credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc., Finally, through travel portal development the customers will be able to make search on their website, book a hotel or flight and pay online which reduces the extra work of travel agents

The Travel Portal provides online travel booking facilities to the customer and to the agents. Suppose when a customer searches for hotels then it shows domestic and international hotels with their details.

When searching for flights details in travel agents website, it will show all available flights for bookings and facilities which it has provided. When users search for a car in an available area it will show all car booking details. Travel API provides all the travel booking related details to the agents who want to build a travel website.

Let’s take an example of Travel Portal Development API Integration. Travel Portal Development provides Hotel API integration. It has a large database of hotels from worldwide. When a developer integrates this API into client website then all the data can be accessed from client website. It will have large and true data of the hotels with hotel name, hotel address, room details, rates, and ratings. An API can be freely available or it may be paid.

For Your Total Travel Portal Solution:

Travel Portal Development is working in Two Manner for Your Travel Portal Website

Travel Portal Development helps by providing the complete solution from the web portal development of Hotel, Car and Flight Booking with API integration for you so that you can also grow your business and fetch the global market.

In some cases travel agency will be having their own informative website, so in such case, they need not create a website from the scratch, Travel Portal Development helps them by integrating the API for the hotel, Flight, and Car into their existing website.

How to proceed:

·         For travel development proposal, first you have to choose the domain for which you want to integrate the API (Hotel, AIR, Car)

·         Travel Portal Development giving the API providers who are offering the service you want

·         The complete formality for the selected API provider (from your end)

·         After completion of the formality Travel Portal Development help you to integrate the API into your website.

·         Make your website Live.

Our distinct Offerings include:

·         Flight tickets booking

·         Hotel Booking

·         Bus Booking

·         Holiday packages

·         Payment Gateway

·         Responsive Design

·         Page Builder & more....

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Online travel portal development Solution for B2B and B2C Travel Agencies

Tourism agencies noticed that most of the people in recent choose web medium to make their tour arrangements, and the online bookings have been increasing year-by-year. So they have witnessed Online Booking Solution will be a productive business in the e-business industry. Online travel portals play a very important role especially in tourism sector by benefiting both e business and customer.

Travel portal development offers Online Booking Solution for Flights, Hotels, Sight-Seeing, Transfers, and Cars etc. It's completely customizable solution that offers high-end software infrastructure for companies to control IT for their business development.  We manage long-standing project partnerships with the key players in the industry. Our application development team is constantly working to improve the product and modify it to ensure our clients have a business solution that is the peak of the line and future proof. We’ve been pioneers in adopting and implementing a variety of technologies.

By providing the Online Booking Capabilities to the Sub Agents / Corporate / Direct Customers to augment its B2B and B2C business, travel portal development is seriously planning to take the technical support for clients. Software Developer, travel portal development  offers fully functional Online Booking Solution connecting all branches, agents, passengers, Payment gateway integration and manage day-to-day operations easily, dynamic variable tariffs, easy scheduling of the services. Travel API helps you in ticket booking, cancellation, layout, tour and travel packages, and valuable information on various destinations, available flights/trains/buses, hotels etc.

The following are significant benefits of the online booking solution for travel agencies.

It saves time spent by standing in queue for purchase of tickets, cancellation of the reserved ticket whenever required from online, ticket printout can be taken, postponing of the travel could be done, booking of hotel rooms well in advance, pay using online payment facility, trip sheet printout for each trip to handover to drivers.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Why White Label Travel Portal Is Recommended For The Start-Up Travel Agency for Online Business?

Business is always a risk. While going for a new investment, the person can never be sure that whether he is going to get profit out of it or will be at loss. The same thought and the same dilemma goes in the travel portal start up as well. Travel industry is a field that lures the investors. Businessman thinks it is an easy investment and easy return business. Many a people try their luck in the travel business by going with a travel portal. There is no doubt in this that the business of travel is nothing without a travel portal. It is the official representation. In the earlier times when there was no online mode of communication then physical address was supposed to be the point of business but the modernity of technology has shifted the goals to online.

A well responsive travel portal is all what is required for a new investor to try his luck in the business.  Now, in consideration with the demand of the business then in accordance with the present requirement the travel portal need to be technology enabled, with all the modern means and modern services inculcated in the same. One of the very prominent requirements for the travel portals is an integrated search page for displaying the various services that are available in the website. There are two software solutions for the same one is Direct API and the second one is White Label Solution.

There is a huge difference between the investment, and both of these services almost display the same result. The only drawback in white label solution is that it displays the identical page with the other portal that opted for white label solution from the same travel portal development company. So when considering the factor of no profit and no loss and the result displayed; it always comes out to be the conclusion that white label travel portal is the best recommendation for start-up companies.

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